Did you know Tanzania is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa with some of the famous national parks and majestic mount Kilimanjaro that rises above Serengeti? Most safaris in Tanzania start from Arusha or Dar-es salam, the two  great cities hence still ending in the same place. If you want to witness the great annual migration of millions of wildebeest, Serengeti is your place to b. other best places to go safari in Tanzania  are Ngorongoro, Manyara,Selous, Ruaha, Taragire, and Katavi National Parks.Those looking to soak themselves in the sun and sand close to cool fresh waters and wind, Zanzibar is another beach paradise in Tanzania.

Any safari to Tanzania is one of the most remarkable in Africa full of exciting tour adventures and attractions. Make the most of your Africa game viewing safari with a superb safari to Serengeti offering top vacation activities with wildlife viewing as a first priority. You will be inspired with all you see and experience during your Tanzania safari and its very fantastic if its tailor made.

Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain

The best rewarding adventure destination in Africa for hiking and mount climbing and a home o the highest mountain peak in Africa. Its one of the most visited for mountain climbing trips and wildlife viewing though would recommend visits to Kilimajaro from June-October when there is no rain. This mountain is a result of volcanic movements in the Rift valley and today it rises above farm lands, wildlife parks offering wonderful views to visitors on different travel interests. One must be fit enough to head out on a mountain safari in Tanzania since the hikes are tough but rewarding. Crowned with an everlasting snow-cap, this majestic mountain can be found inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania a good place for wildlife viewing safaris.

Zanzibar Beaches

Most known for its history and  the cool beach setting that make thousands have leisure breaks during their safaris in Tanzania. Perhaps it’s a calm tourist paradise for those looking for just a soak up and dip toes  in sand but  the  beaches islands offers much more than that including cultural  fan. If you have a few days around, check out the stone town ,Jozani forest, prison island , Sultan’s Palace,etc. if you are a business person, trade is another exciting opportunity hard to miss while in Zanzibar.

Ngorogoro Crater

The Most breathtakingly beautiful place in Tanzania to see the Big Five and other wildlife. A wonderful safari to Ngorogoro crater needs a minimum of two nights due to lots of exciting tour adventures in the area. Only amazing moments and memories are carried home once you visit Ngorogoro.No wonder its famous to tourist as a great travel wildlife safari destination in Africa. Explore the beautiful region of Ngorogoro, the impressive islands, wildlife and also get a chance to interact with people from the Masai culture. The exciting tour activities in Ngorogoro include a walk to the Olduva Gorge, wildlife viewing, hiking, trekking and local people interaction or cultural exploration.

Serengeti National Park

If you have around 5 days in Tanzania would recommend a 5 day Tanzania wildlife safari to Seregeti and Ngorogoro crater, the tow exceptional wildlife spots in the country. The awesome wildlife haven neighbors Kenya-Masai Mara national park but its located in north Tanzania occupying a large conservation area. As per its name meaning “endless plains” in Masai Mara language, Serengeti is beyond doubt one of the celebrated and most visited wilderness area in Africa and fantastic for outstanding wildlife safaris on earth. If you love wildlife, here in Serengeti it’s a complete world  of wildlife that is explored in just a few days.If you planning a trip to Africa, set your eyes on Tanzania and feel best.