Complete Guide to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Find information on places to visit, things to see & do, travel tips, information and safari planning advice.

Uganda is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. This is the reason as to why Sir Winston Churchill named it the Pearl of Africa in his famous book “My African Journey”. Uganda is not only the best destination for primates lovers but also ecotourists looking to game viewing in uncrowded national parks.Uganda for long has been known to many travelers for the very good reasons;

  • It is the Source of the River Nile, Africa’s longest river
  • It is one of the only three countries that host the mountains. It hosts more than half of the remaining population of the mountain gorillas and offers better opportunities for gorilla trekking all year round.
  • Great Cultural – A small country with over 52 different tribes, each having its own history, language and customs.
  • Uganda is the best destination for chimpanzee tracking, an activity carried out in more than 5 locations.

Uganda as a country, is a superb leisure and holiday destination. It  is the mother land of  hospitality and stands out in Africa as the  unbeaten home of  primates, culture, traditions and breath taking  landscape. Travelling to Uganda is so easy. Entebbe International Air port is just 39 kilometres from Kampala. International carriers serve Entebbe direct from Europe, and through Nairobi, hence providing connections with Africa’s biggest gateway. Uganda’s equatorial climate is tempered by cooling breezes from the mountains. The bushy vegetation is the result of bountiful rainfall in two rainy seasons that fall around April and November.

The riotous colour of the vegetation, the dark primeval forests with their unique, brilliantly colored birds, rich flora and fauna, the realization of how close the gorillas and chimps are to us as relatives are just some of the emotions you will experience. Not forgetting the quite comfort and services in the superb safaris, lodges, tented camps and guesthouses in the national parks, transport staff, all add up to make your trip a lifetime experience.

When visiting Uganda the question is not, what will I really see? But will I really see it all?. This means that you, the visitor enjoy Uganda’s splendid gifts at their natural best, and that you are hosted by well informed, committed local people.

Last and most important is that you are safe and secure in Uganda. The government is currently focusing on the resource development of the natural treasures of Uganda’s national parks and the people who are involved in their conservation, interpretation, management as well as the security of visitors, foreign and local.

About Uganda

Uganda is a relatively small country located in East Africa.

Things to Do

Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking
Go gorilla trekking in two of the only four national parks that host the endangered mountain gorillas – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Please note that gorilla trekking is strenuous activity and one should be physically fit to enjoy this safari. Minimum trekking age is 15 years and chimps 12 years. Any one with signs of communicable diseases will not be allowed to trek.

Maximum time allowed with the gorillas will not exceed one hour. For gorilla trekking there is also the possibility of trekking gorillas in Rwanda in case one is interested to trek gorillas for a second time. We strongly recommend a rain poncho, knapsack, long-sleeved shirt and trousers. Sturdy hiking boots, leather gardening type gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent and any necessary medications should be brought with clients from Kampala. Cameras and video cameras are allowed, but films and batteries should be obtained from Kampala.

Travel Information

Places in Uganda

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